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Re: BTCC tires

>>I guess you might have missed my suspicion in regards to f/r split.  The
>>"maximum" I understand, what was actually run in front and in the rear?
>>Thinking center LSD thru, I find the easiest racing tweek to be tire size.
>Well, it's obvious that Scott doesn't read much about BTCC or if he does he
>believes that it must be a conspiracy.  ALL The teams in BTCC (And in the
>former NATCC) use a control tire....  One size, One compound.  No tweaking the
>tire size allowed.........

I don't know which BTCC you're referring to but the one in England didn't
have a control tire (tyre?) rule for '97 ... how could it?  Audi ran Dunlops
and most everyone else ran Michelins!

There was a tyre rule adopted for '98 to make sure every team has equal
access to tires but it doesn't limit manufacturers to offering only one
compound or size, as you are suggesting ... read it yourself at the BTTC's
official website http://www.btcc.co.uk/news/tyres.htm.

>Back to lurking, waiting for Scott to come up with the 2nd shooter in the
>Kennedy assassination, he's already made some amazing leaps.......

Perhaps you folks living in and around the St. Louis area should start
drinking bottled water...  ;^)

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