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Re: S4/91 200: which is faster?

>Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:
> The S4 engine developes 230hp at 5900rpm and 350Nm of torque at >1950hp. I don't have values for 1991 200, but I have the values for >1992 S2, which I believe uses similar engine - it developes 220hp and >309Nm of torque at identical rpms. So the difference in horsepower is >marginal, but the difference it torque is significant.

I realize this thread may be well past the worn out stage, but....

While reading an old article on a Hoppen modified S4 in the Jan 1994
European car magazine, I ran across an article on the 1994 European S2
which indicated it used the S4 engine. The specs show the same Max Power
of 230HP @5900 RPM, Max Torque of 258 lb-ft (350Nm) @1950-3000RPM. 

The interesting thing is that the specs page shows the "Torque with
Overboost" at 280lb-ft (380Nm) between 2100-4000 RPM. That is 23% more
torque than the 228 lb-ft (309Nm)available from the 1991 200TQ. The
Torque output graph for the 1991 200TQ stays pretty flat from 1900-4500
RPM at which point it begins to gradually taper off.

As mentioned, modifying the 1991 200TQ with the free flowing exhaust
manifold and the ECU mod can quickly take away any advantage the S4 has
in stock form...

I put up a crude graph of the boost profile for the S4 on my web page, I
hope to get a better scanned version up there in the future along with
some HP and Torque graphs from the '91 200TQ and the S4. Check out:

Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ