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5K shift boot (was hello and question)

    I am almost positive the 80/90 shift boot will not fit a 5000.  Look pretty
different to me.  I know AGLA Leather (advertise in the back of EC) make a
nice (looks factory original) leather shift boot for the 5000.  I think it is
$49, so approximately the same price as the momo.

    As for your AC system, I would not reccomend switching to R134-A
refrigerant (that's the newer CFC free stuff) as it requires a higher
compression compressor and needs all new and much stronger lines to handle the
extra pressure.  Plus, there is some doubt as to whether this system is as
efficient as the R12 Freon ones that are in our cars.  There are a few places
around that rebuild the Nippondenso compressors pretty cheap, but if you are
having AC problems, I'd find a good AC shop and let them do the work.

    Freon is getting pretty expensive though.  I hear that the black market
for freon is huge and South America now imports more freon than drugs now
(which I guess is a good thing).  So, does anyone know where I can get some
of this cheaper "black market" freon in the WI area?  Please respond off the
list. ;)

     ....no affiliations with FBI or DEA