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Re: sunroof woes

>   If it's making grinding and cracking noises, that's probably not 
>good.  I
>know that you can open your sunroof manually with a key (crank style) 
>should be under your sunroof switch/motor cover.  That piece your 
>switch is in, pull it off and there should be a key and a keyhole to 
>crank it
>open somewhere in there.  Try this to get it open.  

Don't try to open it.  The crank drives the same gear as the motor and
if the motor won't open it without racket, you can't do it with the crank
either.  My experience makes me believe that your cable has lost some
This happens due to insufficient lubrication of the slides.  Unless
you're up
for big bucks repairs, get it closed and unplug the motor so you don't
accidentally open it.  Then, when you're ready to spend some money, find
a low mileage donor car and gut the sunroof cavity.  Then you'll have all
parts you may need.  My guess would be that you could get by with a set
of cables and maybe a motor drive gear (I may have these depending on
and model). 

 I don't know if 
>this will
>work if the sunroof cable is broken, but I think the cable is just for 
>motorized unit, so it shouldn't be a problem. 

Wrong!  No flame intended.

 If that doesn't work, 
>you may
>have bigger problems and may need to take it to a dealer/mechanic.
>   BTW, Does anyone know what these cables are made of?  Plastic?  

They are steel cables with a spiral around the outside that the gear

They are very similar to the window regulator cables on my 77 Scirrocco.

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