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Not a bite to be had

3 times the torque of your front axle can go to the back, three times the
torque of your rear axle can go to the front, read the paper.  On a 225hp car
(close enough to your 75/25/25/75 torsen Urq?) that would be:

Given 225hp, 75/25/25/75 Torsen Center
T1 = 168.75
T2 =   56.25
T1 =  56.25
T2 =  168.75
Tshift = 112.50

You're a good driver.  You have not gotten bit, because you have not set up
the cf /and or slip angle quite right.  Unfortunately, per your own posts many
have.  112hp shift is enough to make a fwd and a rwd of the same car in the
same turn.   Arguing physics doesn't make them not so. You can shift 112.50 HP
from the front diff to the rear, in the same turn.  That is the physics of the
Torsen in YOUR car.  Get it right (or more specifically, exactly wrong), it
won't treat you nicely.  Let me be the first to toast you that it hasn't
happened to you or to Dave E, yet.  By your own posts it's happened to others
in the UK.  By posts here on the list, it's happened in the US of A.. Me, I've
been bitten with a lowly N/A '88 90q on a snow covered road.  Higher HP torsen
cars can get bitten at a higher cf than lower HP torsen cars.  Also physics.
I put you and your torsen Urq in that earlier category.  

I promise, no "told you so's"

Please, read the torsen paper Jeff posted.  You can come to the same
conclusion as above.  Simple physics.  We can speculate all day long on what
was in the Race cars, but few would think to use the street car version in
racing, when you do the math.

Drive safely, keep the spiders at bay.  Happy to take the squeegy for now.  

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq