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Re: Guten Tag! Neues Audi Quattro Mitglied aus Deutschland

Welcome to the list, Alex.  And thanks for your kind offer.

Gary Bracken
Denver, CO
'87 4kcsq

Drotschman wrote:

> Hello there Audi enthusiasts!!
> No, this is not a commercial.  I just would like to introduce myself to the
> Audi "core group".  Just joined the list (Quattro and V8Q !!).  I am still
> german citizen (in the progress becoming american citizen) that has been
> living in the US for now 8 years. I am also an Audi enthusiast.  Once a year I
> go back to visit my folks in northern Germany.  So if there is anything
> specific that interests you guys and that can't be had here in the US let me
> know.  Maybe I can help out. I currently do not have an Audi ( missed out on
> an opportunity buying a '90 V8), but am searching for a '90 or '92 and later
> V8.
> See y'all later
> Alex