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200/100 Euro light installation...

This morning, I installed euro lights in my 200q ... the installation was
pretty straightforward until I came to realize that I was now running 400w
of high beams on a single 30A relay.  Oops!  Adding a second relay was not
very difficult but the extra work added over an hour to the project.  Can't
wait to aim them tonight.  If you're curious about what's involved, I took
some photos and will post them to my web page in a few days...

I started to install the euro lights in my father's '91 100 but ran into
problems with the horns and with the windshield washer bottle ... I'll have
to relocate the horns to beneath the car and it looks like I will also have
to backdate the windshield washer bottle to the earlier style that was
mounted on the firewall.  I guess that'll be next Sunday's project.  I've
also got a set to install in my mother's 5kw as well; in for a penny, in for
a pound...

Anyway, while doing this, I realized that I don't have the rubber plugs that
are used to seal the wires where they enter the light housing ... is there a
U.S. equivalent for this part and does anyone have the number?  I can always
jerry-rig something, of course, but I'd rather do it the right way, if possible.

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