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Re: 1.8 bar wastegate spring

Be careful, my '87 5kcst was pretty much maxed out and it was extremely
difficult to control under full boost (it would practically rip the wheel
out of your hands) and eventually it ripped out the sub frame bolts
(extremely hard to fix).


Joan Kotjarapoglus wrote:

> I am having a chip and 1.8 bar wastegate spring installed in my 1987tq.
> Has anyone experienced any headgasket leaks with the 1.8 spring? If all
> goes well, I plan on installing one in my 89 200 automatic, but I hear
> that something less should be used to avoid stressing the automatic
> transmission.  Any wisdom on what  maximum bar spring should be used
> with the automatic.
> George K.  jkot@pitt.edu