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Re: sunroof woes

If the sunroof still tilts open, then take a close look at the side
brackets that are about an inch wide and 5 inches long.  Could be that one
or both is broken. They tend to break if sunroof has to work hard to open.
The cables themselves are a metal and fibre combination.  Kind of reminds
me of brushes for cleaning out test tubes and such.  Anyway, they are to be
lubricated with Pentosin.  The fibre is a like a wick and it soaks up th
the light coating of Penotsin which you can put on with a small squeeze
bottle.  With a Bentley manual, and some time you can rebuild it. I did
mine. The first time is cumbersome, but take careful notes as you take it
apart and it can be done if you are the adventuresome type.  If not find an
independent who knows how to approach them.

>Date: Sun, 01 Mar 98 03:33:16 EST
>From: Daniel Hussey <GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU>
>Subject: Re: sunroof woes
>   BTW, Does anyone know what these cables are made of?  Plastic?  I've
never >actually seen one before.  Also, sunroofs can be rather complex, and
I think >the one in the Audi is no exception.  If my memory serves me
right, there was >a large section in the Bently manual on it.  This is why
the annual sunroof >cleaning and lubrication is a good idea.  Clean and
then shoot the sunroof >tracks with some white lithium grease.  I used some
synthetic bicycle chain lube by Castrol.
>Later, Dan