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4kq Audio installation

Okay, since I'm spending money on getting the Q repaired (87 4kq), I
thought I'd spend some *more* $$$ on upgrading components of the stereo.
Just got a new head unit, separates, and rear-fill coaxials, so all's I
need now is -- subwoofer.

I don't want low-rider boom, but I do want more "bass" fill.  Nothing
punchy, just something to fill in the lows.

My only question is, where the heck do I put the sub?  I'd rather not have
it in the trunk since a) the trunk is already TINY, and b) I'd hate to
hear the sub firing through the metal of the rear seat.

So, to all that have done audio work on a 4kq, where did you put your
sub(s)?  The rear decklid seems like the only place to do it, with maybe a
10" free air sub, which should sound fine.

Any BTDT's?

87 4kcsq ()

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu