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Accident options (no Audi content)

Fellow listers,
I am currently involved in a dilemma involving my '92 100S's rear-ending last
weekend. The damage to the bumper was minor, and repairable without having to
have the bumper replaced. The guy who hit me gave me the pertinent info (name,
address, phone #, etc), but having the damage so minor, no insurance info. I
called the police when I arrived home that evening, but the police in the
municipality where the incident took place have a policy that if no one is
injured, or the car does not need to be towed, you are not to call the police
when an accident occurs. The estimate came only to about $150, so I figured
the guy would not complain too much. Well, the SOB is not returning my phone
calls, and when I do reach his number, his wife answers and swears that she
was with her husband all day on the day he hit me, and I'm lying.
Unfortunately, I was alone coming home from work when I was hit, so I have no
witness to say he hit me. The guy who hit me was not with his wife, but did
have his about 12 year old daughter with him. So without any police report
filed, only a handwritten piece of paper with his name, address and phone # on
it, and no insurance info, what are my options? Is there anyone who I contact
(magistrate, etc)? I appreciate any help. TIA.

'92 100S (70k)