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SV: Good News... No lifter clatter

I have an '87 200 tq Avant. The engine IS an '87 and it does have 2

Some months ago i saw a post stating that using a diesel filter will
allow room for 1 extra quart.
Can't remember who wrote it, but it sounds like a good idea.


>-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
>Fra:	Daniel Hussey [SMTP:GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU]
>Sendt:	2. marts 1998 09:18
>Til:	Bob Manker; Bob Manker
>Emne:	Re: Good News... No lifter clatter
>   FRAM filters are much better than the junk that you get from the local
>Quicky Lube with paper filter elements, but the factory Audi oil filters are
>MUCH better than the Fram ones.  I have had experience with both, and I truly
>think the factory Audi ones are the best and the only ones to use on this
>You want the one that say "For Turbo Audi" on it.  You can get them for like
>$6-8 a piece from Blaufergnugen depending on how many you order.  Jim Blau
>will back me up on this too.  There are a few manufacturers who make the OEM
>Audi oil filters though.  I think Mann and Mahle are the most common.
>   I just don't think Fram is real geared for Audis as thier oil filter guide
>still lists 2 oil filters for an '87 5kt/tq!  You don't know how many people
>this has screwed up.  And, it has been listed like this for a while.  I'm
>still looking for that illusive second oil filter!  ;)
>   As for the air filter, put in a K&N.  It's made of a gause compound and
>flows much better and filters better too.  They also last for ever as you can
>take them out and clean them.
>   Later,
>   Dan