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RE: 4kq Audio installation

Mark L. Chang <mchang@ece.nwu.edu> says:

>Okay, since I'm spending money on getting the Q repaired (87 4kq), I
>thought I'd spend some *more* $$$ on upgrading components of the stereo.
>Just got a new head unit, separates, and rear-fill coaxials, so all's I
>need now is -- subwoofer.

	I have a Coupe GT of the same year.  A quality stereo install
for these cars is nothing less than challenging.  The stock system
seems to be an afterthought (as is the ac system...).  But I'm not
	The speaker grilles in the dash are the perfect place to 
conceal tweeters.  I'm using 3/4" titanium domes.  A Dremel tool and
some hot-glue ease installation.  To balance that out, 4" midranges
were put in the door panels (as close as possible to the tweeters, near
the dash).  The stock grilles mounted on the rear deck (the circular
ones that screw together with the baffle in between) work very nicely
for this application.  No holes need to be cut in the door metal, only
the panels.  Again, hot glue and Dremel tool (and paint to match).
	Now for the rear deck.  Where the original speakers were, I put
5.5" mid/woofers.  Once again, no metal needs cutting; only the baffle
needs trimming.  Two more tweeters are easily installed next to each

>I don't want low-rider boom, but I do want more "bass" fill.  Nothing
>punchy, just something to fill in the lows.

>My only question is, where the heck do I put the sub?  I'd rather not have
>it in the trunk since 
>a) the trunk is already TINY, and 

It surely is tiny.  I think of it not as a trunk, but more of an accessory
compartment.  It contains only the necessities: spare tire, jack, tools,
amps, and sub enclosure.

>b) I'd hate to
>hear the sub firing through the metal of the rear seat.

If only it were that easy - firing right through the rear seat.  Thats
actually one of the best setups: low frequencies pass through seat
cushions like they're not there.  However, that's not even an option,
as Audi put a fuel tank in the way.  

>So, to all that have done audio work on a 4kq, where did you put your
>sub(s)?  The rear decklid seems like the only place to do it, with maybe a
>10" free air sub, which should sound fine.

This is the hard part.  It requires a compromise between trunk space, 
interior appearance, body integrity, sound quality, and effort.  To maxi-
mize your trunk space, at the expense of cutting large (10") holes in the
unit-body frame, and cluttering the rear deck with a 10"+ grille, go for
the free-air woofer with infinite baffle.  To have tight, (more) accurate
deep bass, build an enclosure for the trunk with the port firing upward,
with the port directly firing through the rear deck into the car's
interior.  Another grille would be needed to cover this hole of course. 
Here you compromise your cargo space and the installation/construction of 
the box becomes more involved.   
	I opted for the latter.  I have a 10" Kicker (cheap) woofer mounted
in a 1.5 ft^3 box sitting where the spare tire used to be (it now stands
vertically in the driver's side wheel well, with support from bungee cords).
Amps and crossover are mounted on the horizontal plane in front of the box.
With only 35W x 4 channels and 80W thrown to the sub, I'm not quite the 
"lowrider".  But it sure beats the **** out of the OEM setup. 

>Any BTDT's?

>87 4kcsq ()

Michael Hogan
87 CGT