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Re: Torque Sensing Differentials - math corrections, conclusions stay

>     I'm afraid your logic for dismissing this out-of-hand is not holding up,
>suggest you regroup.

I think my post dated 2/24/98 and titled "Torsens, UFOs and God" says it all
... if you've ever experienced a "spider bite," you'll never, ever forget
it; and if you haven't, you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.  I spent a
long time doubting the existence of this effect myself -- ask any of those
with whom I've had various off-line discussions over the past two years --
and it was only recently that I felt I had finally solved the puzzle to my
intellectual satisfaction.

If you disagree with my -- or Scott's -- conclusions, all you have to do is
offer a fact-based explanation of your own that correlates with the
observations that have been reported, and I'll happily consider it.  I want
to figure out the truth here -- nothing more, nothing less -- and if turns
out to be something different than what Scott and I have proposed, I'll
happily adjust my conclusions accordingly.  (Just be warned that blaming
"driver error" won't necessarily cut it for me ... I'm not a great driver
but I'm pretty damn good and you'll have to explain in detail exactly what I
did or didn't do before I'll buy this one.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I really do have to get back to doing taxes...
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