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Min on Max

>You now I had just taken the head apart on my other '87 5kcst which is a late
>build and I noticed the hydrolic lifts, but I wasn't sure about this one
>it is also an '87 but its a late '86 build.  The problem I am dealing with
>this car is that I am getting minor valve rattling between 2 and 3k revs, and
>because I have already replaced the timing belt, I guess the only other thing
>possibly causing this is bad lifters.
>I am also experiencing execive fuel consumtion (varies between 10 and 16 mpg,
>rough idling and real low torque when the motor is hot (once the car shifts
>third gear it sound like there is water in the fuel while it klimbs over 3k
>but then it gets a little better.
>Any ideas?
>Oh, codes are 4444.
Sounds to me like you have the cam tooth retarded one or two.  Find <0> on the
flywheel, then take a look at the camshaft mark.  It should lie in line with
the cam cover (below the equalizing bracket).  Remember, if you change the
belt, you will need to change the dist as well.

Lifters tend to click on idle, and it goes away as the car heats up.  If
lifters are causing the problem between 2-3k, you should have a racket at

If the timing is correct, start looking for obvious vacuum leaks.

Ck the timing again.