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Need image of the WGFV, both separate and in bay...


Silly request. Does anyone have a scanned picture of the WGFV in a
1990 200t, both in the engine bay (as a means of visual location)
and separate (as a means visual identification)?

The reason I ask is that I think I've nailed my overboost conditions
to a bust WGFV. I have contacted Stuttgart Motorparts in Johannesburg
in order to have them send me a working second hand unit. I described
how they can located the WGFV tracing back from the WG, but since
they don't have the parts in a car and only have stripped parts the
only thing they could figure out was that I wanted an idle stabiliser.
I would therefore like to send them a fax showing what the unit
looks like and where it is located. I also find it very strange that
a strip works that strips Audis and Porsches and have done several
Audi Turbo cars don't know what I am talking about!!

Oh yes, the way I figured it was the WGFV was as follows:

	1. disconnect hoses from WGFV to WG. Drive car.
	2. reconnect hoses from WGFV to WG. Disconnect electrical
	   connected from WGFV. Drive car.

Results for each were as follows:

	1. Car never exceeds 1.4 - 1.5 bar boost on the digital
	   readout. Spring in the car is 1.4 bar.
	2. Car continues to reach boost levels around 1.7 to 1.8 bar
	   with the no electrical supply to the WGFV. Fuel pump then
	   cuts out.

Can the WGFV be repaired? I would like to remove it an disassemble it
and possible fix it instead of spending big bucks and replacing it.


"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200t, MAC13A ECU, 1.4-1.6 bar, FWD auto)
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