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Re: Digital Hilarity


Some people mentioned good and not so good oil filters for the quattro. Is it
possible that my worsening lifter noise after oil and filter replacement is due
to the not proper filter? The oil is Castrol RS 10w-60 syntec, the filter is a
Bosch one. Is there any chance that the factory Audi filter is better, or does it
allow for greater flow? What is the situation in this case?

Thanks for any comment: Gabor 85q coupe 5cyl.

Phil Payne wrote:

> I thought I just _HAD_ to share this one with the quattro mailing list.
> For some time, Alta Vista has been selecting the adverts it runs based on the
> search you're doing.  I actually find this neat.
> But try doing a search on "audi quattro turbo".
>                     IT TRIES TO SELL YOU A ovloV 4WD!!!
> The slogans are things like:
>          "Driving offroad is fine; as long as it's intentional"!
> --
>  Phil Payne
>  UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club