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Gauge lighting

     I'm in the process of replacing some VDO cockpit gauges with VDO 
     Vision series.  I had the Cockpit lights wired to straight 12V since 
     they're so dim.  I've put in 1 Vision gauge (the other 2 are back 
     ordered) and it definitely needs to be dimmed.  
     Has anyone had long term experience with connecting gauge lights to 
     the existing dimmer?  I'm concerned with overloading the dimmer.  TIA
     PS: I've been dealing with New Dimension and would highly recommend 
     them.  I'm a demanding customer and they've been great.
     PPS: The new Cockpit gauges are now using the same mount as the Vision 
     (spin lock or some such name).  There is a kit to allow the use of the 
     old type mount, which in turn allows the use of the rubber rings to 
     mount the gauges at an angle.  If anyone wants more detail on what VDO 
     has and what your options are, email me.