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RE: Jacob Electronics Automotive products

I have never tried any of the Jacobs ignition products and expect they
make a good product but the claims for increased power and mileage have
a feeling of snake oil to them.  I have been working with electronic
ignitions for a long time.  The first CDI system I saw used a thyrotron
since SCRs weren't available yet.  I consulted on ignitions for Indy
cars when electronics was viewed with skepticism by the engine builders.
The automotive companies have been forced into making good ignition
systems by the CAFE standards and emission regulations.  If the stock
ignition is working up to its design specifications the only way an
aftermarket ignition will give improvement is by changing other
parameters, such as timing, which are not optimized for power or economy
for possibly good reason.  You could probably retune your engine with
stock ignition to get the same result.  A recent thread on installation
of a Jacobs ignition in another group reported that things didn't change
until the timing was readjusted per Jacobs recommendation.  The poster
claimed the ignition gave him his improvements and never considered the
change in tuning.  


>Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 00:59:00 -0800
>From: Scott 20191668 Bermes <scottb2460@earthlink.net>
>Subject: Jacob Electonics Automotive products

>Has anybody heard of this company and their automotive products? I
>checked out their web site after hearing an ad on a nationally
>syndicated radio show.  They claim their automotive products can
>increase horsepower and gas milage. That site is located at:


>Appreciate any feedback.