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Torsen thread future

<<Like saying "it hurts when I poke my finger in my eye".  Ah, don't poke your
finger in your eye?
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Amusing point, but slightly off where they are going with this.  The question
is a "Why?", not a "What?"  They already know the "What?" part of it.  The
"What?" is an anomaly that occurs when they drive an AWD car at speeds similar
to FWD or RWD.  They now what to know the "Why?" part of it.  Knowing "Why"
often helps turn a "bug" into a "feature".

The reason your point is slightly off is that they are not asking the AWD cars
to do anything different than they have asked FWD or RWD drive cars to do.
They want to know the way to get the AWD system to be as consistent around
corners (at speed) as the other two.

Someone out there knows the answer to the question.  The problem is that it is
not anyone who is currently on the list.  And until either a) someone joins
the list who is knowledgeable, or b) a list member asks the right person, the
question is not likely to be answered.

While "enquiring minds want to know", it does not seem likely that they will
any time soon.  Mainly because the proper resources are not currently
available to us.  

There are enough bright people on this list to figure it out, IF given the
proper amount of information.  At the moment we have 1) several BTDT events,
2) the documentation of the Torsen concept from the manufacturer, 3) some
extraneous information about various torque-bias ratios among different models
of Audis, and 4) some contemporary magazine articles that seem to indicate
(unverified info) that racing Audis implement a fixed-split bias in their
"Torsen" diffs.

Problem is, that ain't enough.

But, let's also keep in mind that by putting the info in front of the list,
Scott and Jeff have been forced to channel their thoughts into tighter
quarters.  (For example, Scott relegating the topic of race applications to
the sidelines as unrelated to the real issue.)  This reinforces the thought
that there are bright minds on the list, and that the issue would be resolved
with the proper information.

So, option ONE is to continue to address the issue until either items (a) or
(b) are fulfilled.  Option TWO is to drop the issue for now and bring it back
at a later date, hoping that, at that time, either (a) or (b) will occur.

Personally, I have no preference.  I'm getting a pretty good education as this
goes on, and will keep this in a separate file.  So if there is more
information, I'll add it.  If not, I'll wait until it comes back up again.

Presenting the View from Bucksnort.