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RE: No torsen for me thanks.

Sounds more like tires than torsen to me...

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> From:	Jay Rabe [SMTP:brabe@snet.net]
> Sent:	Monday, March 02, 1998 3:14 PM
> To:	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
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> Subject:	No torsen for me thanks.
> The torsen is a good idea if your drag racing a car and are battling
> with traction problems.  I personally do not like torsens, but they
> are
> good for some things.  I was driving a 95 sport 90 quattro in snow.  I
> gave the car a little gas around a corner (like my 4kq likes) and
> scared
> the $&!~ out of me, instead of a little oversteer or a little
> understeer
> all 4 wheels lost traction (because of the gas) and thankfully no cars
> were parked in the road.  No thanks, no torsen for me.  I'd rather
> pull
> the knob if I get stuck.  By the way I havent gotten stuck yet, just
> pulled it for 4wd doughnuts in the snow.  I like being able to control
> my oversteer as anyone would.  I cant see how anyone would like them
> if
> you cant control the car.  I havent driven my moms 98 A4 quattro in
> the
> snow yet, but if it doesnt have a torsen and the EDL doesnt overwork
> like the same as the torsen I think it will be fun.  Does anyone know
> why almost all new cars have almost no road feedback?  I still love my
> 84 4kq.
> 				Jay