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Generation Gaps

>Phil writes:
>Are all the 'TORSEN centre' cars also 'limited-slip rear' cars?

Here's the breakdown as I understand it.  Please offer corrections.

Gen I - Open front, locking center, locking rear 1982>1987 all awd cars
Gen II - Torsen centre (75/25/25/75), open front, locking rear.  Includes all
awd cars since 1988, save the v8, and post 1992 "S" cars which had Gen III
(see below).  
Gen III - Open Front, Torsen Center (75/25/25/75), Torsen Rear - incl. all v8,
1993> "S" cars
Gen IV - Open front, Torsen Center (75/25/25/75), Torsen Rear, EDL
Gen V - Open front, Torsen Center (57/43/xx/xx), torsen rear, EDL