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Torsen - my last comment

I just talked to the head instructor from our quattro school, I could not
reach Hannu Mikkola.

Aud used Torsens in rally cars, specifics I did not get - would need to talk
to Hannu on this one.  Hannu used a Torsen S1 at least in Portugal and 1000
Lakes, Röhrl at Portugal.  Apparently torsen not used in high traction
surface events.

Track cars, from IMSA to SCCA (and BTCC???) used mostly Haltech multi-plate
diffs.  Torsen suitable for events where traction is limited.

The 300+ hp Group A S2 of Esa Saarenpää used Torsen - still very driveable.
Not competitive due to other factors and hence Esa does not any longer have
the car this year.

As to my previous post on recovery - skip the clutch part, unless your gear
selection is unsuitable for full power.  The dynamics of recovery work
better for cars with more power, much easier on A4 with 250hp than one with

If I get more info from Hannu I might post more...

Jouko Haapanen