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Re: Alta Vista

Phil Payne wrote:
> Volvo adverts are directly _SPECIFICALLY_ at people
> searching for Audi quattro information.  Stay online for an hour and you won't
> see a Volvo advert.  Do _ONE_ search on 'audi quattro' and you'll see nothing
> else.

I just did exactly that. Phil is right, folks. One Volvo banner up top
the search results, one - at the bottom. Sez something like "come try
new Volvo AWD".

Now, doesn't Volvo know it's market share well?? (A rhetorical

IMHO, both brands compete for almost the same market: affluent
professionals who have more taste and class than testosterone and
appreciate subtlety and engineering ingenuity over fashion and brand
recognition. It's the crowd which for some reason or another does not
want to drive either a M-B or a BMW.

If tomorrow Audi withdraws from the market, I will start buying Volvos.
If the day after tomorrow Volvo does the same, I will be looking at
Saabs. Just not a Beemer or a M-B, thank you :) Don't get me wrong, both
of them are highly respected old German brands and have lots of merits,
but here in the States, the BMW (and, to a lesser extent, M-B) casts a
certain stigma on it's owner, which I'd like to avoid at all cost.

One of my doctor-friends buys Audis and Volvos alternatively. He won't
want to be caught dead in either M-B or a BMW. This Thu I am gonna drive
him up to my dealer where he'll be appraising his '96 850 Turbo and test
driving a '98 A4 2.8 30v with a Sport and a Tip. Yeah, I know, I know,
but he believes that the Tip is just as good as the Stick Shift, only
without the aggravation of the third pedal. I don't argue. I want him to
stay alive and two pedals are about one pedal too many for him to
master. :)

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ
Philadelphia, PA