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Audi 4000csq problems -- help! -Reply

Peter Hamilton said ...

>Notice a "buzzer" sound that happens when key on,
>car not started.  Oil light on during buzz. 
>... the dashboard started acting up.  Tach dropping to zero,
>back again, radio cutting on and off.  Weird.
>3. Figured it was a short in the dash, pulled it off to mess around with
>it.  Thought it might be a relay flipping out, tried pulling relays, no
>luck.  No fuses blown either....  Battery dead, won't
>turn over.  Really weird.  

Look closely at the battery terminals.  I had similar problems which were
solved by replacing a corroded lead at the positive terminal.  The corrosion
was masked by the wiring insulation which was swelled in the corroded area near
the battery.

Good luck,

Mark Strollo
87 4kcsq
Van Diemien RF80
80 Piaggio Ciao