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Windshield, Washer Nozzles, Hard Start Weekend Project Results

Hi All:

Below are summaries of things that might help others.


Pulled my windshield this weekend and cleaned up the rust on the pillars.
Pulling it wasn't bad at all.  Mine had been replaced before.  I used
a utility knife and a pry bar.  I fractured the glass but didn't shatter
it.  Repair person said it really isn't _that_ bad of a job even if
it hasn't been pulled before.  Use piano wire to cut it out.

I had _lots_ of rust!  For any of you out there with some visible rust,
you might want to attend to it at your earliest convenience.  If you
can see it, it is _much_ worse where you can't see it.

The replacement windshield fits very well.  One thing to note is that
the replacement windshield comes with a gasket but _not_ chrome trimmed.
Didn't/doesn't bother me since my car is charcoal gray but for those with 
tornado red or pearl white it might look pretty crappy.  You may want
to be more specific with your questions than I.  I only asked whether
the price included the gasket.  Yes it did but...

Windshield Washer Nozzles:

Mine dribbled!  Noticed there is a check valve in the washer line.
Mine was located under that plastic cowl that covers the blower motor
box, etc.  Pulled it off and took it apart with a little persuasion.
Removed the the "check" components and my washers work like they never
have before!

Hard Start/Fuel Injectors:

Several months ago I replaced my old injectors with new (actually used)
viton tipped injectors.  My hot start proble became a cold start problem.
I had to crank 3 times for about 5 seconds before she started and then
she stumbled for a while to boot. This weekend I put the old ones back in 
and voila, she starts on the first crank.  Concurrently with replacing
the injectors I put in a new injector cooling fan thermoswitch to which
I attribute the "fixing" the hot start problem.

I bought the "new" injectors from VW Parts.  _Everything_ else I received
from VW Parts was right on, both price and quality.  I'm not slamming
VW Parts, just relaying both good and bad so you have more info to
go by.

HTH somebody out there,

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 248K Miles