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Re: [gti-vr6] TFS

How about a compromise of sorts? Buy a GTI, and add a Quaiffe. The Quaiffe
should elimnate the TFS, as the part that breaks goes away (right?). One
of these should cost about $1000 and a few hundred to install I would
guess. You'll also have the added benift of bad-ass performance. If you're
thinking of spending another $7k on an Audi, why not? Another option is
the Passat, of course.


On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Jim Bovenmyer 4-6640 wrote:

> Ok, you guys are getting me officially scared away from buying a GTI.  As many 
> know, I have been pondering the A4 1.8tq as well as the GTI.  I was certain of 
> getting the GTI after I came to believe that the tranny problem was really from 
> true abuse.  After hearing other stories I am beginning to believe that spending 
> the extra 7k on a true German road machine that won't BLOW UP is the right way 
> to go.  If anyone thinks that I am nuts and should spend 20k for a car whose 
> tranny is not even worthy of a Hyundai please speak up.
> Jim Bovenmyer (TXO)
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