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5000kq chip vs. 200q?

I just wonder if the 5kq is the same as the 200q with just changes to
the interior.  The 200q interior is nice but I'm most interested in
performance and reliablity.  I know that Audis can be expensive to
maintain.  Which year or years were the most trouble free?  I'm 
considering buying back a 5kq, maybe 87 or 88, or a 200q , 89-91.  I would
really like a '91 200q but that could be hard to locate and more than I
can afford when I'm ready this summer.  I would only buy an '87 if it were
well maintained w/ relatively low miles at a great price.  

  LET'S TALK PERFORMANCE.  What is a 5kq w/ chip comperable to?  From what
I understand, the 5kq has 162hp stock.  A TAP  chip would boost it to
227hp like the S4.  Now I know the S4s and '91 200qs are 20v but what
would be the difference in a 227hp 5kq or 200q, if 5kq and 200q are the
same, and a 227hp S4.  The previous owner of my former 5kq said it did
the 1/4 mile in 14.6 sec.  I was looking at the stats of the '97 Cobras
and it went 0-60 around 6 sec and hit the 1/4 mile in 14.7 sec.  Is 14.6
1/4 mile slow, fast or average for a 5kq w/ a chip?  Can an S4 or 200q do
that stock?  It seems people are saying that the 200q is faster than the
S4.  Which of the three would be fastest? Would I get 217hp if I had a 20v
put on a 5kq or 200q and 297hp w/ chip?. I've got many questions as you
can see.