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torsen thread and limited slip rear diff.s

In message <f291e1d3.34fb194c@aol.com> C1J1Miller writes:

> I've reviewed the fiche on the euro urq and saw that there was a limited slip
> diff listed that was also listed on another page as a locking diff.  However,
> the exploded view of the diff doesn't look like a limited slip diff to my
> untrained eye.  What does audi describe it as, and what cars was it installed
> in?  Did it make it into Dave's RS2 as well?

As far as I can tell (by examining as many cars as possible) it's standard on 
all TORSEN ur-quattros.

I agree with your interpretation of the microfiche - as I posted here earlier, 
there are none of the cones/discs that one normally associates with 'limited 
slip' implementations - the major feature is the sprung pin that seems to be a 
centrifugally-operated detent.  Odd.  Research continuing.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club