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Re: digital hilarity

Alex Kowalski (audial@aol.com) wrote:

>It's true.  ovloV ads come up in an Audi search.  But: did you see the
>new TV Subaru ads?  Apparently qlisters weren't the only ones who
>caught Volvo shooting themselves in the foot by very graciously giving
>free AWD advertising to Subaru.  Their new ads feature Judge Reinhold
>(Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop II) on a creeper under a
>Volvo in a showroom, interrogating the salesman:
>"So, Volvo only offers AWD on _one_ of its models but Subaru has it on
>all of theirs?" or something to that effect...

When I first saw the Subaru ads, I thought just the opposite. "Why is
Subaru now telling the world that all wheel drive Volvos are available. Do
I care if some Volvos are FWD? Do I care if some Audis aren't quattros?
Nope. If I want an AWD Volvo, Subaru just told me I can have one. Maybe I
didn't know that *before* I saw the ad. I sure do know it now.

Talk about shooting themselves in the foot! It *was* a Subaru ad...paid for
by Subaru...telling the world about the new Volvo. Oops.