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No torsen for me thanks

The amount of torque a car has in the snow around a corner is
irrelivant.  You could easily kick the back out around a corner in the
snow in a 1300cc bug.  The reason I do not like the torsen center diff.
is because of the fact that if 1 rear wheel spins 1 front wheel spins.  
I am a good driver, not the best, but also not your average joe.  I have
a sand rail, extremely front light and rear heavy, (compared to the
front,)  dirt bikes, and superbikes (brothers actually 97 zx7).  I have
a broad driving range of skills behind me.  I can assure you It wasnt
driver error.  I would call it driver trying to have a little fun. 
	If you were going around a corner and slowly accelerated through the
corner what would you expect to happen?  Probably the back end come out
a little or spin the front wheels (not likely.)  Why would any sane
person want 1 front and 1rear wheel to spin.  I dont understand how you
would want this unless you were rallying the car.  Nothing I have ever
driven lost traction front and rear at the same exact time except this
	If I had a front wheel or rear wheel drive car with a torsen I would
probably love torsens, But for all wheel drive cars I'll stick to my
4000Q's diff lock that I can control.  Maybe the new EDL system but I
havent had any experience with it in snow yet.