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Re: '91 200 q hesitation-btdt?

The only thing I could see is possibly a leaking pressure hose, ic, etc. I
have very little info from you, but try to get a little more. Is there
black smoke out the back under these conditions? Does it ever return to
normal with temps, pressures? The last tune up? Plugs & wires good?
 On Mon, 2 Mar 1998,
Sherry & Chuck Clark wrote:

>  Hello group,
>   Well, as the header indicates, I've got a friend with this problem
> in his '91 200 20v q.  He just got here from the West coast where
> the problem was not present at sea level.  It's got a TAP chip and
> spring. He really notices the hesitation when he slowly gets on the
> boost at around 3500rpm to redline. If he's light on the throttle, it
> really isn't noticeable. If he turns down the wastegate spring giving
> less tension on the spring, there is less hesitation. Car has 91k mi
> on it. Any 20v turbo owners btdt or have any clue to offer? Altitude
> have anything to do with it? No codes by the way. Thanks for any
> help possible. 
> Chad Clark '87 5k Tq
> Colorado Springs, CO

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