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Re: What is wrong with my quattro system? (Audi 5KQ)

A major factor in the handling of my non q is how much gas is in the tank.
It handles so much better with at least 1/2 tankful. It's very tail happy
with out.
 On Mon, 2 Mar 1998 Steinbru@VNET.IBM.COM wrote:

> David Marshall said:
> > I have noticed a great deal of difference between my former 87 4000q and my
> > 88 5000q.  The 4000 handled and tracked excellent, but, this certainly
> > isn't the case with my 5000.  When the roads are slippery there is ALWAYS a
> > tendancy for the back end to want to break loose.
> Then Andrew Duane added:
> >I have both a 90Q and a 100Q, and this is the way mine handle, too.
> >The smaller 90 is much nimbler. I think the extra weight of the 100Q
> >makes it tail-heavy enough to slip easily.
> >I've just always accepted it.
> I have a 5ks and a quattro, and I've noticed that both are very sensitive
> to alignment.  Find a really good shop that guarantees satisfaction with
> a four-wheel alignment and knows Audi --it's worth the trouble.  My guy
> charges eighty bucks, but spends about three hours on the car.  (And I
> make sure the tie rod ends are free!)
> I now firmly believe that the reason I got the 5ks is that shortly after
> getting the car, my father-in-law hit a curb and put the front end out
> of alignment, then subsequently clipped a mailbox on a rainy day.  For
> other reasons, shortly thereafter he stopped driving and I bought the
> car.  I had the car for almost a year before I put it on the road.  I
> hated that car, was ready to sell it.
> It was squirrelly as hell until I got it aligned, now is hard charging
> in the dry OR wet!  It took me a long time to trust the handling after
> the first couple of month's experience.  At about the same time I found
> this list.  Now I have three audis and two vdubs.  And NO hondas (well,
> except for the cb650sc --that's a nighthawk for you aficionados).
> Andrew, what do you feed your opinionated cat?
> --Gary
> ('86's:5ks&5ktq+'87CGT)

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