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Re: Torsen thread

From: BRUCE <BRUCE@mannlawfirm.com>
>Fact is,
>though, IF this bite is something that can be induced in a torsen car,
>above a given ___/10ths driving method, and under repeatable
>conditions [ie., everytime on that 3rd curve using the high line at
>70] and you continually induce it, and, as several write--it is a
>dangerous loss of control "thing", then that is driver error by
>definition, unless you are some kinda test pilot.  Like saying "it
>hurts when I poke my finger in my eye".  Ah, don't poke your finger in
>your eye?

granted.  in which case, almost every incident (the US government wisely
banishing the term "accident" from our lexicon) out there likely has some
"driver error" cause.  of course, now we can get into that whole causation
chain... "but for your corner entry speed 3 mph faster than this curve was
designed for..."   8^)  

Yes, just about every case where this torsen effect appears is by
definition or admission at the limit of the cars capability, and by
definition, at or exceeding the limit is definitely driver induced.  While
most of the incidents described on the list have been in controlled
environments (Scott on an ice track, Jeff at an autocross) the conditions
where it may arise can occur just about anywhere--take any moderate speed
curve, add snow (or standing water, or sand dumped off the back of a truck,
or...)  and an excess of speed.  

>If the design has "bit" you, and you know when and how, stop doing
>whatever it is you are doing.

Absolutely.  The challenge is not knowing what you know and don't know.
The challenge is not knowing what you don't know.  (classic problem)
Without actually exploring this in a safe environment (i.e. track) it is
hard to know what the limits of one's car (or one's self) really is.
Something odd might happen at 10/10ths, and when you unintentionally reach
that limit, how do you react?  How much time do you have to react?  Does
the car behave as you might expect it to?  

The reality?  99 out of 100 drivers may never get there.  For that other
1--let's hope you've had a chance to learn what happens in a safe
way--before it happens in an unsafe place.

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