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Boris?  What are you doing,

Who is Boris?  No,  Boris *was* The Who

Ok so can we agree on something Boris is doing?

To compare torsen and non-torsen UrQs may be pointless.  To compare 5ks w/o
torsen and 200s with torsen is possible though.


1.  Is it agreed that a torsen car is moving torque around at sane traction
levels and normal everyday speeds that the drivers, being used to their
cars just know the feel of their cars and that the hunting feels "seamless?
 That it is working as it should but it isn't felt as hunting?  Until they
cross the always moving "line" that defines 10/10ths that the Torsen is
just not felt?

2.  Can we agree that at 10/10ths+, whether because of a sudden poor road
condition (ice?) or a driver simply driving over his/her head (small head
in the his case) for the road/track conditions,that the way the car reacts
to the total lack of traction or the way the car responds to driver inputs
is just assumed to be the way the cars handle past their limits?  ie: "it
always feels this way when I go too fast just "may" be the bite?

3.  Can we agree that torsen or not these AWD cars have a line that can be
crossed?  My 88 5ktq will just understeer when the line is crossed for
example?  Chris Millers car (for example) a '91 200 will behave differently
when that same line is crossed.  I will expect my car to do one thing, I'm
used to is reactions.  Chris will assume his to what it does.  He may not
consider his to be "biting" at all.  It is the way the car handles

4. Can we agree that Boris exists in different degrees at different speeds?

5.  That until the line is crossed Boris may be your friend?  

6.  That your car/tires/speed/road conditions/slip angle yada, yada, yada
all define that "line" to beware of?

7.  Agree on anything?

I think Boris is there. I felt it at 15mph in an S6.   It is up to you to
bring him out or let him lie still.