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Hi Guys...any advice? (1990 CQ)

I just got my CQ back after preventive maintenance - namely Redline in the
tranny and front diff, rear diff...that's for storage of the car, while I'm

As I was in line to go through DMV inspection, I noticed that the diff lock
switch in the center console (between the front seats) had "popped out" of
it's socket a bit...the problem is, now the "ABS off" light doesn't come on as
it used to, when the diff switch is **active** (and lit) I tested the
mechanical aspect, by turning in a circle, and the diff is locked...

When I manually switch off the ABS, the light *does* come on!

Any connections that I/the dealership could look for that might have been


Dorab (nivi@aol.com)

PS: My S4 (1993) is up for sale again for the next 2 weeks, asking $ 28k or
b.o. - *mint* condition, then it also goes back into storage...more info at: