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Re: Fwd: Coupe Q stereo ???

> >Anyone have alternator whine on the coupe Q or similar car? anyone 
> >recommend a quick or cheap fix? The whine is irritating on FM and CD. 
> On AM, it is absolutely revolting. I have tried different grounds, a 
> filter between the car and radio harnessesand soldering instead of 
> crimping. The problem will not go away.

No whine in my car.  I would check the plugs and wires you are 
running, as well as the obvious stuff.  Is the whine onl on
radio or also tape/cd?  If the latter, it's possible someone
rewired the rear speakers.

>  Anyone know how to replace the roof mount antenna on the CQ? And where 
> to get one cheap? Anyone selling one used?

www.antennaworld.com.  In the VW world, it's common for them
to rust at the base, which ruins the ground.  I think your
headliner will have to come down, if so it's probably a 

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