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tranny plug(ged) yep, still (and "big news")

Well, I got home from work and checked my little 
JB Weld job.  It was still in there, so I put on 
my work clothes and gave it a try.

The allen key "fell" right out like I had stuck 
it in there with dry PlayDough.  What a 
disappointment.  I hope I did it wrong, as I will 
try again, this time without moving it around while 
it sets.  Did I not use enough hardener?  Too much?
(I used 50/50, like it said)  Is this stuff a sham?

I was able to chip off fairly easily the remainder 
of the JB material off the allen key.  Is it supposed 
to be so fragile?  I can't believe people repair 
their engine blocks and stuff with this junk if so.

Has anyone else had experience with JB Weld?

And if it fails, what other extraction methods 
will I have to turn to?  If I drill it out, what 
will I have to do to ensure the fragments don't 
muck up the internals?  Am I looking at dropping 
the darn tranny just to get the plug out?  Do I 
need to disassemble it?

I like working on my cars, it's like a big puzzle, 
but at least with a puzzle there's a picture so 
you know what to do and what goes where.

BTW, I ordered my FI seals today.  Also got a 
FI puller, and a set of strut bearings.

And the "big news":  It looks like I will in 
fact be moving to Mesa, AZ.  Any of you AZ 
listers out there, please email me and help me 
find out where in the heck to live!  Hopefully, 
I'll be able to plan a couple of trips out there 
before the final one.

Any generic advice for a "corporate relocation"?
I've never done it before, and frankly it's a 
bit intimidating.  All by myself and all...
(girlfriend is staying, for now :-( , no kids, 
no pets.  Just 3 freakin' cars, one that doesn't