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Re: OXS Dash Light

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>Would someone be so kind as to give me the instructions for
>resetting the OXS dash light on my 87 5000sq.  I know that the sensor 
>good, but I do not remember how to turn off that light.  Was it through 
>fire wall or the instrument pod? Is a special tool required?  Thanks so
>much for your help.
I think it is on the speedo. Disconnect cable at tranny, remove steering 
wheel, remove instrument cluster, and look for the two wires that 
connect the speedo to electrical connections on the cluster. The gear 
that drives this circuit needs to be rewound. In my case, the gear 
binded up. Twice. Paid $60 for repair the 1st time. Ripped the SOB off 
the speedo the second time.
--Ted Harlan

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