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Re: Error 2142 from ECU...

> The thing to do if you want to ceack the wirirng for continuity is
> identify which sensor's circuit is at fault. Next, with a multimeter set
> for continuity, you get the wires for te sensor, at the sensor. You locate
> on the ecu plug what terminals they are. Connect on side of the multimeter
> to the sensor's wire and the other end at the corresponding terminal at
> the ecu plug. If the wire isn't broken, you'll get a number or a beep or
> something. I do recommend CAREFULLY pulling the ecu plug off of the ecu to
> prevent any possible damage (not likely, but be safe). You'll find the
> term. designation in a Bentley or something else. My local Audi dealer is
> nice enough to photocopy things for me like that whenever I need them.
> Good luck.

He'll need it.  2142 is the knock sensor.  Not much to trace really.
The is however a connection in the engine compartment which can
get corroded.  It is also possible that the sensor is loose!
The 89 200 wagon I saw a few weeks ago had a knock sensor error
and I believe Scott Mockry has replaced one too... so it's likely
that the sensor has gone to meet its maker.