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"pulling" trunk codes

Or boot, if you prefer. I'm sure someone suggested this, so I went out and sat on my rear cargo area opening for a bit, looking up.

Fahrzeug-id-no 7635 25-4-2454 420 UR
Vehicle-id-no WAUGE544xMN004217
Type 447 F55
Motor/Trans Code 3B AAT ADZ
Paint/Interior LY1Z/LY1Z 079/RA
Options 079 139 340 352 366 383
            398 409 432 573 597 668

Can't seem to find trans AAT in the Bentley, nor any rear diff codes; did run across a diagram with a labeled torsen center diff, it said "do not disassemble"! Ok. Way too many gear and shim adjustments for other powertrain parts in here too. Directions for dis/re-assembly of rear diff, so doesn't *look* like it's a torsen.

I'm also curious about the option codes, I know someone has that book...

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro (447 F55 3B AAT ADZ), 84k, heading for Taos in two days, got the GTI's Bazooka in the trunk
1988 GTI 16v (PL 020+0.75 6th), 174k, back to icky old cassette and no bass :(