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Advice needed on used 4000CSQ/90q

Hello.  My poor Jetta just recently got wrecked, so I am looking for cars
to replace it with.  While looking in the Boston Area Want Ads, I realized
that a 4000CS Quattro was in my price range (potentially around 4k,
depending on how much the insurance company says my car is worth, and how
much else I can come up with).

Are there things that I should look for in a 4000CS Q?  I was
specifically looking at a '87.  There also was an ad for a '88 90q for
about 5000.  Would a 4000CSq be more reliable than a '88 90q?  Any advice
would be greatly appreciated.


Clarkson University Technical Communications Class of '99
Mangled :( 1990 Volkswagen Jetta Carat