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Re: tranny plug(ged) yep, still (and "big news")

A lot of "consumer grade" epoxies are pretty poor IMHO.  Other factors
to consider, though - how clean were the mating surfaces?  You should
try to get them clean enough for surgery for what you're trying to do to
work properly.

> Well, I got home from work and checked my little
> JB Weld job.  It was still in there, so I put on
> my work clothes and gave it a try.
> The allen key "fell" right out like I had stuck
> it in there with dry PlayDough.  What a
> disappointment.  I hope I did it wrong, as I will
> try again, this time without moving it around while
> it sets.  Did I not use enough hardener?  Too much?
> (I used 50/50, like it said)  Is this stuff a sham?

Huw Powell


'82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please