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Re: Front licence plate holder

To:   jimzig

WON'T take it back? Try throwing it through the sales area and then see if
he'll take it back. Why won't he take it back, is it a condition other than
new? Has it been drilled through or something? Was it a custom holder that
is unlikely to be sold to any one else?

Maybe I should apologize... I'm in a mood. I recently abused my Audi when I
should've been pampering it. Sorry.

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Original Message---------------------
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 15:54:36 -0600
From: Jim Herzig <jimzig@athenet.net>
>I have a front license plate holder and hardware for sale that i bought
>from dealer who will not take back after 10 days.  please mail if
>interested.  best offer.