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Re: Error 2142 from ECU...

I checked the knock sensor by hand, ie. grab it a feel for play and
it feels solid in place. I will check the wiring continuity to the
plug on the firewall and will follow the other tip to check continuity
to the ECU. Question I have is this: what pin on the ECU plug is for
the knock sensor? I am running a MAC13A (bet none of you have that one,
except for other South Africans), it seems to be a MAC12D derivative,
ie. 2 boards, top board has small cutout in top corner. What is the
pin for the KS?

What do the KS go for? I hear something like $100 or more. Is there
another place apart from the agents who will have one? Is there
perhaps an improved more reliable version that came after the '90
models? Any cheap source?

Right now I'm pussy-footing it around, does wonders for my fuel
consumption! I used to get $6 of gas to about 70-80km range, but
I drove around carefully last night and checked that $6 got me
over 120km. Uhm, our fuel comes to about 50 cents per litre.

One final question: why would this fault show almost all the time at
about 115km/h doing about 3000RPM? Why occassionally at hard launch,
but with tacho below 3000RPM? Why, when it happens, does it go away
if I back of very slightly from the gas, and return when I re-apply
gas for some 100RPM more spin and then the light stays on until I
back off the gas again?

"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200t, MAC13A ECU, 1.4-1.6 bar, FWD auto)
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