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Re: Report on CPA Motorcars (longish)

I've known Bob for many years and have observed some of the negative comments
on the list and , frankly , wondered, since Bob has always seemed extremely
particular in choosing his cars. Also he always seemed fair to other dealers
and avoided being confrontational in making purchases. On the one hand the
cars needed to be flawless or have the potenial to be made nearly perfect or
he just wasn't interested. On the other hand, he is very cognisant of needing
to be in the right price range for a given car so as not to be required to
over price the cars once he got them home. On more than one occasion, I've
seen hiom go back to CA empty handed because the cars or prices weren't right,
but I guess all of us dealers have done that.

I've enjoyed a good relationship with Bob over the years and he's always done
what he said he was going to do.

Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT