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In message <199803030948.EAA28680@mail13.digital.com> "Andrew Jackson (CCC-REO)" writes:

> Phil - thanks for the invitation, when is the next track day?

God knows.  It'll be announced in the Newsletter.

> Would a "sissy" 2.3 90q20v be welcome?  I got the impression that the
> club was only for "real" Quattros?

A refresher for everyone:

The UK Audi quattro Owners Club (and I _know_ the capitalisation is
wrong) is a 'single marque' club under RACMSA rules.  As such, it is
defined to exist 'to further the status of the ur-quattro and Sport
quattro'.  You need to own one to be a full member.  Associate members
can drive what they like, but can't vote at the AGM or take part in
RACMSA events under the Club's name.  Since we don't take part in any
such events anyway, the point is moot.

> If not, I'd be VERY keen to join, AND attend a track day.  It'd be very
> useful to chat to you guys about Torsens etc, and to have a thrash in
> (relative) safety.

Send me a snailmail address in private email.  I'll get a pack out.

> I was also eyeing up one of these Audi Sport 1-day driving courses - but
> their site (www.quattro.co.uk) seems to be offline at the mo.  I got
> some stuff throug through the post a while ago, and they do look quite
> tempting.

They've been offline for a while.  I don't know why.

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