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Resoldering contacts for the intake temp sensor...


Went to the 200t about 10 minutes ago to follow the wires for the
knock sensor. The connecting plug looked clean and intact. I then
moved over to the intake temp sensor. The guys at Audi Centre
yesterday also looked at the temp sensor while I was pulling codes
from the car. About a week ago the guy at the Barons VW/Audi
service centre told me that he moved the terminals apart on the
temp sensor just to prevent a possible short. I just looked at the
sensor now, I carefully pulled back the rubber boot over the
soldering points and noticed how the contact leads in that brownish
sealant seemed to misaligned with the actual contact on the sensor.
I slight movement revealed that the brownish sheaths moved off
completely. I then looked at the contacts on the sensor and saw that
the contacts from the wires had been snapped off and were now part of
the sensor contacts minus the connecting wires. I pushed the wires
back on in the hope that some contact would be made.

So, now I will have to resolder the wire contacts. Since the contacts
of the wires have effectively come off the wires and are now part of
the sensor contacts does this mean I will need to replace the connectors
for the wires completely? If so, then does anyone know if the dealers
and service divisions will do that for me, ie. provide the wire end
contacts? Has anyone resoldered the temp sensor? If so, then how do I
go about it to do it correct the first time? I guess I'll need to strip
a bit of the wires in order to fit some sort of contact ends. Would it
suffice to put in some of those crimp plugs and simply plug those over
the sensor's contacts or do I need a full soldered contact point?

I wonder if this little fault I've spotted could be related to the 2142
knock sensor warning I keep getting ever since the car came back from
the Barons workshop where the guy said he just spaced out the contacts
on the intake temp sensor to prevent a possible short? Since sometimes
the "check engine" light and 2142 errors occurs around corners it might
have come from the sensor moving slightly. I guess that is a bit far
fetched, right?

Will these little faults ever cease? :)

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