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blankety blank banner ads!

>Subject: RE: Alta Vista
>> > You can't turn this off. This is how AltaVista makes their money, and
>> > reason it's free. I have heard there is software (somewhere) that blocks
>> > _all_ banner ads. Not sure who makes it or even if it's available yet.

There IS a shareware program which blocks banner ads - saw it on Filemine
or Jumbo shareware - you must be running Windows 95 for it to work.
Personally, I regard annoying banners as the lesser of the two evils (W-95
being the other one).

I've made a lot of money fixing glitches in W-95 - so glad my Audi's
on-board diagnostics computer (a.k.a. "Hal") isn't a W-95 program - or is

Best Regards,

Mike Arman