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Re: Boris?

Neil Swanson wrote:

> I think Boris is there. I felt it at 15mph in an S6.   It is up to you to
> bring him out or let him lie still.

I will relay a story that I heard from my wifes uncle.  He owned a 93 V8Q.
One day he was driving out of his subdivision at a very slow pace(I have
driven with him, and he is no enthusiast in his driving) and he spun his car.
Is that the torsen?  It does not fit the "expert descriptions" of the "bite"
at all.  No where near the limits of adhesion.  The dealer in all its infinite
wisdom said, "mismatched tires.  V8's are very sensitive to different tires
F/R."  I assume that they meant size discrepancies among brands, perhaps
differences in stickyness pf the tires who knows.  He switched tires and it
never happened again.

Is that the "spider"?  I think not, and if it is then the "pros" better start
doing some more math to prove this one.   I have never spun my V8 on any
surface at any time, and I have driven it hard, in rain, snow, and the dry.
Nor have I had the bite at 15mph.  Maybe I am just used to the way it feels.